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Why should timber be impregnated?

Wood is a natural material. Untreated wood is perishable over time, mostly as a result of infestation by wood-decaying insects. Wood is also at significant risk from wood-decaying mould and fungi, which tend to affect timber in conditions of high humidity. The greatest risk concerns in-built outdoor timber or timber that is in direct contact with the ground or with water. Treatment with BOCHEMIT preservatives ensures that timber remains healthy for longer and extends its life significantly.

During construction and renovation work, the importance of protecting timber buildings or elements against pest infestation should not be underestimated. When used correctly, BOCHEMIT preservatives offer professional and reliable timber protection, thus helping avoid the potential complications and costs connected with repairing infested timber in future. After all, painting, spraying or dipping is for everyone, meaning that even amateurs can rest assured that the timber in their homes will be professionally protected.

Comparison of preservation and repair costs.