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About Bochemit

  • BOCHEMIT means professional products for both long-term and short-term protection of structural timber and other wooden elements against wood-destroying insects, fungi and mildew.

  • BOCHEMIT impregnation agents offer high user comfort and easy and simple application that can be used professionally and in the home.

  • BOCHEMIT can be applied by coating, spraying, immersion, injecting and vacuum-pressure impregnation.

  • BOCHEMIT products contain a unique blend of next-generation biocide substances that provide perfect protection against colonisation by wood-destroying insects, wood-destroying fungi and mildew, and that let wood breathe naturally.

  • BOCHEMIT perfectly and faultlessly penetrates wood in a rapid and uniform way, and subsequently protects it.

  • BOCHEMIT meets all current European standards and regulations governing the certification of agents.

  • BOCHEMIT has its own research group directly focused on wood-protecting agents.

  • BOCHEMIT products are constantly enhanced and innovated to meet the latest market trends and customer requests.