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Bochemit opened the season with Impregnace Soběslav 23.5.2024

Bochemit opened the season with Impregnace Soběslav

On Thursday 16 May 2024 we accepted the invitation of our important business partner, Impregnace Soběslav, to their premises on the occasion of the opening of the season and the opening of the retail outlet. Invited guests, in particular owners of sawmills and construction companies, were introduced to impregnation processes, including demonstrations of modern technologies and procedures used in wood protection.

Our product Bochemit Forte Profi is used for high-pressure impregnation, which is used here to impregnate the wood. Such impregnated wood is subsequently widely used in garden, construction or decorative projects including, for example, decks, pergolas, wood sheds, paneling and cladding of buildings, flower beds or lawn borders. We discussed with the visitors mainly the benefits of impregnated wood and the properties that the wood gains from Bochemit impregnation, and we also answered a number of questions. The great number of questions and the interest convince us that more and more investors are realizing that quality material is at the core of any successful project.