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Bochemit has entered the elite of the German timber industry 10.4.2024

Bochemit has entered the elite of the German timber industry

With more than 25,000 employees, Germany's sawmills process the most important renewable raw material - wood. In order to ensure that the wood will last for tens or even hundreds of years both indoors and outdoors, impregnation is used. Therefore, our involvement in the following renowned German associations is a natural step:

  • Deutsche Säge- und Holzindustrie Bundesverband e. V. (The German Sawmill and Timber Industry Association) defends the interests of its members at national, European and international level. The association supports its 370 member companies from all over Germany in continuously improving the economic and political framework conditions for the use of timber as a raw material. The association engages in dialogue with representatives of the media, business, politics and research. In pursuing its objectives, the German sawmill and timber industry is committed to the environmentally friendly and valuable use of timber as a material and source of bioenergy.
  • Deutscher Holzschutzverband für Außenholzprodukte e.V. (The German Timber Protection Association for Outdoor Timber Products) brings together companies involved in the protection of timber products for outdoor use (horticulture, landscaping, playground construction, forestry and agriculture, viticulture and fruit farming or noise barrier elements). Many members are family-owned businesses, some of which are already run by second or even third generation entrepreneurs. As a result, the association's members have a wealth of experience that benefits their customers.

Our membership of this association reflects our commitment to sustainability and quality in the use of timber, and underlines our aim to provide the best possible service and products to our customers through Bochemit.