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BOCHEMIT Antiflash picks up award from the Czech Professional Chamber of Fire Protection 1.6.2019

BOCHEMIT Antiflash picks up award from the Czech Professional Chamber of Fire Protection

In line with tradition, the Presiding Committee of the Czech Professional Chamber of Fire Protection (PKPO) has announced the winners of its prestigious "Golden Flame” Chamber members’ awards. The Product of the Year Award for 2018 was given to our product BOCHEMIT Antiflash.

The five-member evaluation committee was comprised of a member of the PKPO Presiding Committee as chair, a representative of the Czech Fire and Rescue Service or a member of the Presiding Committee as vice-chair and the rest of the committee formed by representatives of different sections of the Chamber. The committee judged each of the products based on their technical specifications and performance, as well as on their fire certification, solution originality, price and affordability.

The “2018 Golden Flame" prize-giving ceremony took place on May 22nd at the PKPO General Assembly in Prague. Lenka Plevová, technical and product manager at Bochemie wood care, s.r.o., accepted the Golden Flame trophy and certificate awarded to BOCHEMIT Antiflash from the Chamber representatives. Although BOCHEMIT Antiflash is a product created for professional use, we greatly appreciate this award which has been determined by actual industry sector professionals. We also value this award in recognition of our long-term efforts in wood protection program, spanning more than 50 years, since our first wood fire retardant products entered the market. Above all, it motivates us to continue applying the latest research and development to create innovated and original products that will continue meeting ever-increasing demands in terms of quality, technical specifications, legislation, and at the same time follow our sustainable development and environmental protection commitments.