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Modern wooden newbuild in the Beskydy Mountains

Modern wooden newbuild in the Beskydy Mountains

A team of experienced architects from the firm NODUM have designed a modern wooden building for a family with young children, located in the picturesque Beskydy Valley. Taking inspiration from the local landscape and architecture, they used wood as the main building material.

To carry out the building work, the owners selected Arexstav, a construction company with extensive experience in wooden constructions. Arexstav never underestimate the importance of protecting structural timber against biotic pest infestation, so they used Bochemit QB Profi to treat the roof truss. This offered the natural wood long-term protection against wood-decaying insects, fungi and mould. It means that the truss will stay healthy for longer, meaning that it can go longer without maintenance as well as significantly extending its total service life.

Photographer: Lukáš Legierski