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Bochemit Forte used to treat the church roof in the village of Strei

Bochemit Forte used to treat the church roof in the village of Strei

Strei Church is a priceless landmark in Transylvania, Romania, where it forms part of a famed archaeological site. The first documentation mentioning the church dates back to 1392. Preservationists have repeatedly worked to restore the landmark. The wood used to reconstruct the roof was pre-treated using Bochemit Forte Profi.

The stone-built structure has a bell tower on its western side, a small nave with a beam ceiling and a rectangular altar. Its interior is tiled with Romanesque masonry; it is decorated with interior frescoes which, according to their inscription, dates back to the third quarter of the 14th century, combining Byzantine iconography, Italian elements and a strong Romanesque influence, all of which gives it its unique style. The exterior facade also boasts fragments of paintwork.

Strei Church was rehabilitated in 1969 – 1970 with the restoration of the interior murals. In recent years, the church has been subject to further maintenance with the support of the Prince of Wales’s Foundation, which is engaged in the recovery of Romanian monuments in the regions of Transylvania and Banat. Since 2017, Strei Church has undergone major conservation work, particularly with regard to its roofing and dehumidification. The wood used for the roofing has been pre-treated with Bochemit Forte Profi, a wood preservative supplied by Deposib Expert, Bochemie’s leading Romanian business partner.

For further details, please contact Ilie Moga, www.deposib.ro