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Bochemit has its own website 13.12.2018

Bochemit has its own website

Dear builders, architects, designers, investors, carpenters, cabinetmakers and wood lovers in general,

Wood has been an essential building material for humanity since time immemorial. In order to preserve its beauty for as long as possible, it is necessary to effectively protect it.

On our newly launched website, you can find a lot of advice, tips and instructions on how to do that. We will help you choose the right impregnation products, and the consumption calculator will advise you on how much you will need for your whole project or even for just a section of fence.  We will direct you to our distribution network or e-shop, where you can buy what you need.

We hope that you will enjoy our new website and find valuable information there.

We will be pleased if you tell us how you like our new website and what you would like to see there the next time you visit it, as well as your experience with wood impregnation, photographs with descriptions of your treated wood and suggestions for our further work. Write to us at info@bochemie.cz.

Thank you!