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Departure hall in Masaryk railway station

Departure hall in Masaryk railway station

Departure hall in  Masaryk railway station of České dráhy in Prague is a historical building registered in the Central list of Cultural Monuments of the Czech Republic. Masaryk railway station is the oldest railway station in Europe which still operates. The reconstruction provider chose products Bochemit QB Profi and Bochemit Forte Profi for the treatment of the construction elements.

Particularly wooden constructions of the departure hall in Masaryk railway station suffered for many years from leaking rainwater. The cause was also the clogging of the drains in the cast-iron columns which became stuck, and it was practically impossible to clean it without intervention in the bearing constructions.  Despite the problematic maintenance, the construction lasted almost 130 years without general repair. In 2011, the reconstruction was necessary. It was based on dismantling the construction of individual transverse connections, strengthening the structure solidity, strengthening individual construction elements and connections, and on the repairs of windows, frontage, and the roof cladding. It is also necessary for the treatment of the structure elements. In order to penetrate the wooden elements, the agent used was Bochemit QB Profi a Bochemit Forte Profi. České dráhy consider Masaryk railway station in Prague to be their shop window which shall combine the traditional form of railway station with modern services and background not only for the passengers.  Completed reconstruction of the departure hall was successful. The new implementation project for the railway station modernisation should follow in 2022.

Further information is available from Průmstav, a.s.