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Treatment of the roof of the former hospital in Telč

Treatment of the roof of the former hospital in Telč

The grounds of the former hospital consist of rectangular buildings nos. 44, 45 and 46 surrounding an enclosed courtyard, which is accessible from the street through a gate. The hospital was moved to the site in 1579 and is associated with the name of Zacharias of Hradec. The older Renaissance building underwent Baroque alterations in the 1670s, during which a chapel was built. In this period an “infection wing” was also built. In the 1950s, the interior of the former hospital and the courtyard wing were adapted to the needs of the then old people’s home. The site’s current appearance is based on building modifications carried out in the late 18th century. In addition to its heritage value, it has wider cultural and historical significance with regard to the history of the town and the region. It is now a home for the elderly.

During maintenance work on the listed building no. 46 in Špitální Street, its roof structure was repaired. The roof did not show any major technical defects, although in some places it was affected by non-active wood pests. After the individual elements had been mechanically cleaned, the colourless impregnation product Bochemit QB Profit was applied.

 Photos by the Town of Telč. The text was created in cooperation with the editorial team of the PROPAMÁTKY portal.