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For a Lasting Pergola

For a Lasting Pergola

If you don’t want your well-deserved peace and quiet in your pergola to be disturbed by the woodworm-drilling or views of unsightly wood-decaying mould and fungi, we suggest that you use our comprehensive two-step wood protection system.

Step 1: Long-term preservation against mould, wood-decaying fungi and insects.

Wood is a natural material and is therefore susceptible to degradation, damage and decomposition. This can be caused by weather, biotic pests, wood-decaying fungi and insects. To protect your pergola from these factors, you can extend timber’s longevity by using our impregnating preservatives BOCHEMIT Opti F+ or BOCHEMIT QB Hobby.

Step 2: Decorative coatings and topcoats for indoor and outdoor timber.

Not only does BOCHEMIT Estetik shade your pergola and highlight the wood grain; it also protects it from UV rays and water penetration. In addition, it serves as a topcoat for outdoor timber (use class 3) once impregnation is complete.