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Extending Timber’s Longevity

Preservation is at the heart of everything. Essentially, timber can be preserved in two ways - structurally and chemically. Structural preservation takes the principle that direct exposure to moisture should be prevented. The moisture content of timber roof trusses should not exceed 20 %, a figure that can be avoided by ensuring that roof trusses are built with sufficient ventilation. Perimeter walls featuring external timber elements should be protected by a sufficient roof overhang and a rainwater drainage system. Timber elements should also be configured in such a way that water should not flow into their joints. Weather-exposed timber structures and elements (timber roof coverings, cornices, shutters, windows, railings, fences, pergolas, etc.) should be well designed, particularly by allowing water to drain off the wood surface as quickly as possible, thus enabling them to properly dry out.

Our range of BOCHEMIT anti-pest preservatives protects timber that is structurally protected. Here, we advise you in choosing the right product for you.

BOCHEMIT products offer time-unlimited protection to indoor timber and protect outdoor timber for at least 10 years. Beyond that period, the state of timber preservation should be checked regularly (ideally every two years).

Varnish or paint coatings offer insufficient timber preservation. When used on their own, conventional topcoats and paints do not protect wood from infestation by most wood-decaying insects. Temperature fluctuations cause timber to shrink and expand, causing coats to crack. For larger cracks, unimpregnated wood is more susceptible to infestation from biotic pests, which can penetrate the wood through these cracks.