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Provence in your garden - with Bochemit

Provence in your garden - with Bochemit

Have you fallen in love with the picturesque Provençal ambiance and you’d like to be reminded of it over and over again? Get inspired on how to conjure up a corner of Provence in your own back garden. Take this one, for instance, which has been created in Silesia through a combination of skilled handiwork and Bochemit.

  • Choose a quiet part of your garden, preferably shaded by trees.
  • Have a look around for stylish garden furniture and accessories. It doesn’t have to be anything brand new. You, or your friends or neighbours, might even have genuine treasures hiding away in your attic. You might even want to check out bazaars, flea markets or classifieds.
  • Prepare the wood for the deck flooring. You’ll need blue paint to represent the sky and the sea, dark brown for the floor and glaze for other wooden fixtures.
  • This is when you should be thinking about impregnating the wood against pests. The deck flooring, furniture and other wooden fixture will be exposed to the rain, sunshine and changes in temperature. Impregnation is all the more important when the wood comes into direct contact with the soil. You’ll want your own personal Provence to keep you content for as long as possible, and you won't want to have to renovate it or replace rotten, mouldy or beetle-infested wood.
  • For the flooring, then, your best bet is to buy pre-impregnated wood which has already undergone dipping or vacuum-pressure impregnation at the sawmill using Bochemit Forte Profi. This product is specifically designed for impregnating wood that comes into contact with the soil. For wood that does not come into contact with the soil, you can easily impregnate it yourself. You’ll find that Bochemit Opti F+ meets your needs. To apply this coating, just follow the simple instructions on the label.
  • You can impregnate other wooden fixtures and accessories the same way (furniture, barrels, flowerpots, flower beds, wheelbarrows, etc.). Don’t forget to remove dirt and dust from any older elements and to sand them down gently. This will allow the impregnation product to better penetrate the wood.
  • Once the impregnating agent has dried (usually after 4 to 24 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity), apply Bochemit Estetik, an enamel impregnation preservative, to the wood in your chosen colour. You might be surprised at how well it can be applied with a roller. As well as giving it colour, this also protects the wood against water penetration and UV radiation, while also giving it an impregnating topcoat so as to guarantee its ten-year service life.

Set the fixtures in their place and enjoy the peace and tranquillity. Or perhaps you’re already thinking about where the lavender beds should go?