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Bochemit helps give comfort to a shed house

Bochemit helps give comfort to a shed house

A new shed house has been designed in the outskirts of Ostrava, which will be simultaneously used as summer accommodation, with a living room, kitchen and utilities, as a space to chill out on its roofed terrace and as storage for garden equipment, tools and furniture.

The house was designed and built by K-eng spol. s r.o. It was constructed from spruce (load-bearing profiles, slatted load-bearing floor structure, outdoor railing, affixed wooden profiles), with the terrace boards made from larch. Following previous experiences with other wooden properties, the owner was recommended to protect the wood against pests. The wood purchased pre-impregnated from a sawmill using Bochemit QB Profi. “I made the decision because of the certified quality of the impregnation performed, as well as due to time savings compared to impregnation on the construction site. Our workers also used Bochemit to treat the incisions made on site. It has the advantage of being easily available across the sales network. One of our workers who goes out to buy it straight from the construction site can easily find it on the shelf and can easily dilute and apply it on site,” said Martin Řezáč from K-eng.

A final coat of Bochemit Estetik, an enamel impregnation product, was then applied to the wood in the homeowner’s chosen shade of mahogany. As well as protecting weather-exposed wood from colouring, this product also protects it against water penetration and UV radiation. From an aesthetic point of view, the owner appreciates that it both preserves the natural appearance and texture of the wood and, in particular, prevents the wood from peeling or cracking. The shed house will be easy for her to maintain for several years.