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Preserving Modern Timber Buildings

To preserve modern timber structures, a sensible design and the selection of durable timbers highly resistant to biological pests is essential from the outset. Appropriate, first-rate raw materials must be used if timber buildings are to be long-lasting and high-quality.

To preserve the longevity and functionality of building, a purely structural solution is not always possible, even when durable timber or timber composites are used. Construction errors can cause leakage from rainfall or vapor condensation to occur under variable temperatures. A risk is also posed by horizontal surfaces on buildings that cannot drain easily.

Keep sources of moisture to an absolute minimum or eliminating them entirely. This could be rainwater, dampness in the building’s foundations, humidity in new buildings or water condensation. It is crucial for timber structures to be perfectly insulated against moisture.

  • Timber structures and elements exposed to weather (wooden roof coverings, cornices, shutters, windows, railings, fences, etc.) must be designed in such a way that water can drain off the wood surface as quickly as possible and allow them to dry properly.
  • Timber is at risk of insect infestation when its moisture content is greater than 10% and temperatures exceed 10°C; there is a risk of fungal infestation when moisture content is (even temporarily) greater than 20%; and there is a risk of mould infestation when moisture content is greater than 25%.

Therefore, during construction and renovation work the importance of protecting timber buildings or elements against pest infestation should not be underestimated. When used correctly, BOCHEMIT preservatives offer professional and reliable timber protection, thus helping avoid the potential complications and costs connected with repairing infested timber in future. After all, painting, spraying or dipping is for everyone, meaning that even amateurs can rest assured that the timber in their homes will be professionally protected.

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